Contact Lenses in Greensboro, NC

We offer specialty contact lenses fitting and provide emergency after-hour services.

New advances in contact lens technology allow most people to successfully wear contact lenses, even those with astigmatism or bifocal requirements. You will quickly recognize that we go beyond the “one size fits all” approach to contact lenses and understand the importance of personal attention when it comes to your vision and comfort.

The eye doctors will thoroughly evaluate your visual needs, prescription, and long term eye health to determine which brand and type of contact lens provides you the most convenience, comfort, and eye health.

contact lenses greensboro nc

RGP Lenses

For those patients that have had a difficult time finding lenses that provide good enough vision for their lifestyle, there are RGP or “hard” contacts. These lenses do provide better vision in most cases, but are usually a bit more difficult to adjust to comfort wise. There are many patients in these lenses that are completely happy and unwilling to switch to soft contact lenses.

Silicone Hydrogel Lenses

Another category of lenses that are fairly new to the market are the silicone hydrogel lenses. These lenses can provide many times more oxygen to the eyes compared to other category of lenses. These lenses are actually providing some patients with a second chance to remain in soft contact lenses. If there is a significant risk of failing ocular health due to lack of oxygen to the cornea, then these lenses may provide the needed oxygen and therefore may extend a patient’s ability to remain in soft lenses.

Scleral GP lenses

If you have been told you can’t wear contact lenses let us see if we can help. At Oman Eye Care we have the expertise necessary to get you seeing your best.

Indications for Scleral Lenses:
  • Regular and irregular corneas unable to be adequately fit with small diameter corneal lenses.
  • Symmetrical corneas where standard lenses cannot offer the stability or comfort.
  • Asymmetrical corneas that require a larger than standard lens but a full scleral design is too large.
  • GP intolerant patients unable to achieve adequate vision with soft lenses Hybrid lens candidates.
  • Has proven successful for the correction of many corneal irregularities including postsurgical cases.
  • Fits well in cases of corneal flattening inserts to offer good VA and comfort unsurpassed with soft lenses.
  • Provides initial comfort that lasts all day long.
  • JupiterTM lens can be designed to meet almost any patient need.

Contact Lenses